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Must-Have Beauty Products


Beauty doesn’t have to be complicated.

To me, beauty begins with what you put inside your body. What you put on the outside simply smooths it out and gives it a graceful polish.

As much as you may love playing with eye shadow and lip gloss, those aspects of your beauty routine are secondary to basic skin and hair care.

Leave the house with confidence with these beauty basics.

Blow Dryer –
Unless you let your hair air dry every day or you get weekly blow outs from a salon, you’re going to use a hair dryer. We suggest an ionic one. They cut your drying time in half and won’t damage your hair like blow dryers of previous generations. If you’ve been using the same dryer for 20 years, it’s time to throw it out and invest in a decent ionic dryer.

Boar’s Hair Brush –
If you’ve been brushing your hair with a drugstore plastic hairbrush, it’s time to throw it out and invest in a boar’s hair brush because you haven’t done your hair any favors. Every stylist knows the best hairbrushes have boar bristles. But for the best results, you’ll want a brush that has BOTH synthetic (nylon) bristles AND boar bristles. The mix creates the perfect brush: The boar bristles are gentle, while the synthetic bristles help hair dry faster.

A Good Concealer or Tinted Moisturizer –
Not every woman needs foundation, but almost every woman could use a good concealer in her beauty bag. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to a woman and noticed she could use a concealer around her eyes to cover up dark circles or spot cover a blemish or just even out her uneven skin tone.

Sunscreen –
every single day and use a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 40. Why? Sun damage is one of the leading causes of premature aging of the skin (along with smoking, stress and weight loss).

Mascara –
Nothing opens up the eyes and makes you look more awake than mascara. You can find a decent mascara that won’t give you Kardashian lashes.

A Good Cleanser –
Chances are, you aren’t cleansing your face correctly. Either you’re using the wrong cleanser or you are scrubbing too much, or you aren’t washing your face before bedtime, leaving all the day’s dirt and makeup to sit there on the skin, clogging up your pores. The secret to cleansing your skin is this: Buy a cleanser that’s formulated for your skin type.

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Improve Your Beauty Routine


There are some things that should just be a way of life if you’re looking to improve your health and happiness (and yes, might even make you feel a little prettier than you already are).

We’re here to help you prioritize some beauty rules that should always be on your annual checklist.

~ Always remove your makeup
Sick of hearing this one? Tough. If the goal is to look pretty in public, your responsibility doesn’t end once you get home. Ideally, you should have a P.M. skin care regimen that includes a good cleanse (to rid your skin of makeup, oil, and other impurities), and application of a rich moisturizer. However, you’re human and sometimes you slip up. Yes, we’ve all got a little lazy girl in us. Try tucking a pack of cleansing wipes under your pillow. The sound of the package crumpling when your head hits the pillow will remind you what time it is (makeup removal time!). You might want to also keep a trash can near your bed for those used towelettes…

~ See a dermatologist
Whether you’re acne-prone or consider your skin fairly normal, a visit to an all-knowing derm is worth it. You’d be surprised by what you can learn about your skin, and what’s causing those pesky breakouts or that blemish that’s practically parked itself on your chin for the past few weeks. Part nutritionist, your dermatologist can tell you the types of food that may be affecting your skin-and not to scare you, but a derm can even detect the first signs of skin cancer just by noticing a stray facial hair that you may have been poking fun of lately. (True story) Go ahead and book that appointment now!

~ Treat yourself to (at least) one beauty splurge
No questions asked, we know that you deserve some retail therapy every once in a while. Whether you’re a full-time student or a working girl, we say you’re allowed one beauty investment a year if it’ll keep that spirit (and confidence) high. Go ahead and ring up that facial cleansing brush or a brand new heat styling tool if you so choose.

~ Keep Wearing Shimmer!
For some reason, society says that glitz and glitter is reserved for special occasions like New Year’s and birthdays. But we say, keep on shining! Go for a glammed-up mani or shimmery liner any day of the year.

~ Try at least one runway trend
We get it. Sometimes catwalk makeup just doesn’t seem realistic for everyday use. But give your usual ponytail-lip gloss-repeat routine a rest and go for something that’ll get heads turning. You’ll be the trendsetter for once and we’ll be so proud!

~ Give your hot tools a rest
Easier said than done, but with a world of hairstyle options out there (hello, braids and buns!), we’re confident you can manage without your blow dryer, curling iron, and flat iron for a few days a week. Seriously, give it a try and you’ll notice a big difference in your hair. It’ll likely get longer, stronger, and all-around healthier in no time.

~ Commit to regular trims
If you find yourself complaining about split ends often, it probably means you’re not following the doctor’s orders and getting your hair cut regularly. It might be an old wives’ tale that your hair will grow faster if you go for regular trims, but it is true that a good snip every six to eight weeks will improve your hair’s health, keeping it as sleek and even as it should be.

~ Commit to regular conditioning treatments
You guessed it. The key to healthy hair is loyalty. As you should get into the habit of trimming your hair regularly, you should also set a good conditioning routine in place. Take one day a week to apply a moisture mask and run a steamy shower to let the formula really penetrate your strands. If your hair is really parched or damaged, make that moisture mask a bi-weekly treatment and alternate with a cholesterol conditioner to strengthen fragile pieces.

~ Go makeup-free once a week
We’re firm believers in letting your skin breathe as often as possible. Take one day to skip the makeup and give your pores a chance to inhale some oxygen instead of being clogged with piled-on foundation, blush, and concealer. A clearer complexion will lead to smoother makeup application for the rest of your days, we swear.

~ Wear A Mask!
We can’t stress the benefits of regularly using face masks enough.

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The Romantic Bun For Valentine’s Day


Planning a date night for Valentine’s Day?

Whether you’re having a meal with friends, going out on a hot date, or staying in with a movie, this hairstyle will get you in the mood for love in no time flat.

Get the Look:

♥ Separate hair into five vertical sections and curl the bottom pieces with a 1 ½-inch barrel iron or wand for 3 to 5 seconds to give hair volume.

♥ Spray hair with the dry shampoo to give it texture. Rake fingers through hair to separate curls and rub the elixir into the ends to add shine.

♥ Separate the section around your part that you consider your bangs and pull hair straight out. Blow dry flat for 30 seconds (this will give bangs volume and a natural swoop), then mist hair all over with the hairspray.

♥ Comb through bangs (if you have them) or shorter layers to let front pieces fall naturally, then pull the remaining hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure with a hair tie.

♥ Separate your pony into a top and bottom section. Pull and tighten only the bottom section so the top is loose and full of volume.

♥ Take a one-inch piece of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie to conceal it, using a bobby pin to secure in place.

♥ Then twist the ponytail clockwise, using a clear elastic to secure it at the ends. Spray the twisted ponytail with the dry shampoo and, using your thumb and pointer finger, rub your fingers together on the twist to give hair texture.

♥ Wrap your texturized ponytail around the hairband at the nape of your neck and use your remaining bobby pins to secure the bun in place.

♥ Finish the look with a spritz of hairspray.

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Fight Dry ‘Winter’ Skin


Dry, itchy skin can be unbearable. It can happen any time during the year, but is most prevalent in winter (hence the term, “winter itch”).

Biting winds, steamy showers, dipping temps, and drying indoor heat — all can suck the life right out of your skin and hair. Here’s some solutions to help you combat winter.

Avocado Face Mask

This classic recipe for dry skin involves only 2 ingredients: avocados and honey which are particularly moisturizing. This mask works well on mature, wrinkled and dry skin. It’s best to use a ripe, fresh, organic avocado. Make sure to mash it up into a creamy pulp. Avocados are also great for deep conditioning dry hair.

Maximize Your Moisturizer

Apply it the right way by clearing away dead skin cells first. They keep moisturizer from sinking in. Buff your face gently twice a week with a jojoba-bead scrub or a mild exfoliant with fruit enzymes. Always smooth lotion on damp skin. You’ve heard it before, but did you know you have a three-minute window for best results? Wait any longer and moisture starts to disappear from skin before you can lock it in.

Use Hand Cream

Soap, water and hand sanitizer are really drying — and people overdose on them during cold and flu season. You need to apply hand cream every time you wash your hands. The most important thing about hand cream is to keep it handy so that you actually use it. Buy a few small tubes to carry in your purse or use at your desk.

Be Mindful Of Your Lips

With all the stuff we put on our lips, lip balm is a moisturizing must that preps the pout for a smooth, even application of lip color. Luckily, lip balm has come a long way from good ol’ Vaseline. From ones that impart gorgeous berry colors to those that offer a whopping SPF 35, there’s no shortage when it comes to the variety of lip balms available.

Drink More Water!

You might not be as thirsty in the winter as you are in the summer months when you’re hot and sweaty. However, you lose water through your skin every day, in any season — even when it’s cold and even if you don’t feel like you’re sweating. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time in dry indoor heat.

Start these good habits today, and keep them going long after winter’s gone to maintain healthy skin all year long.

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Detox With Glamglow’s Supercleanse Cleanser

Look at the size of this jar!

An accompaniment to the brand’s best-selling Supermud mask, the breakout-fighting cleanser goes on thick, but transforms into a foamy lather when activated with water.

Afterwards, skin feels exceptionally clean and surprisingly (considering foam cleansers can by drying) soft.

Glam Glow Supercleanse

In case you’re unfamiliar with the brand, GLAMGLOW was originally developed for use on film sets, but made its way to regular retail in 2011. All the products are “mud”-based, and use natural ingredients like French sea clay, peppermint, and ground olive that are known for having serious skin-soothing benefits.

For moisture-deprived skin, the brand has also launched Thirstycleanse, which will be followed by Youthcleanse and Powercleanse in the spring. Are you excited for Glamglow’s new line of products?

Glamglow Supercleanse Daily Treatment Cleanser, $39,

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Last Minute Holiday Nail Ideas!

What’s more festive than a little holiday nail art?

Everything is always so pretty during the holiday season and nails should be no exception.

Gold Nails

Hello gorgeous! How awesome are these metallic nails paired with that matte gold jewelry?

Perfect for: New Years or a holiday party

Wear it with: These nails and jewelry would best stand out against a sea of white or cream or anything monochrome. Avoid busy patterns and other metallics. Keep the rest of your jewelry simple. Play up your makeup with a smokey eye and nude lip.

How to get this look: Be sure to keep nails short and rounded. Longer nails would look tacky in gold. TBS recommends getting this look via Nail Rock’s metallic nail wraps ($13).

Matte Nails

Turn your favorite nail color into a matte-finish.

I absolutely fell in love with the matte deep blue-almost-black look. Turns out you can get this look yourself by mattifying your favorite color with Jin Soon’s Matte Maker top coat (about $18).

Perfect for: All year round, but put it over a deep emerald green, rich red or onyx for a chic look at your holiday party.

Wear it with: Everything.

How to get this look: Apply this top coat as a layer over 2 coats of another color.

snowflake nails

Snowflakes for your nails!

Perfect for: Christmas morning

Wear it with: A fluffy cream cashmere sweater, taupe riding pants and knee-high brown boots. Wearing red? It would look great over a red polish base too!

Don’t have time for festive nail art? Paint your nails with sparkling red polish for instant holiday cheer.

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This Holiday Season Make Your Eyes Sparkle!


Metallic or just shimmer eye shadow are perfect for Christmas!

Jouer has triumphed once again with their exquisite Crème Mousse Eyeshadows – in a spectrum of easy-to-wear colors, all housed in decadent glass jars (so you can easily spot the right shade in your make up bag!)

Part subtle, part statement, these shimmer eyeshadows from Jouer will put a twinkle in your eye that makes you the life of the party. Unlike the over-the-top glitter of the past, this new take on metallics is sophisticated, wearable, and it stays put.

Smudge across the eyelid with your fingertips, to elevate your look to holiday fabulous.

Choose from ‘Moonlight’ (shimmering soft gold), ‘Starlight” (pearlescent pink champagne), ‘Dusk’ (soft plum}, ‘Galaxy’ (soft bronze), ‘Night Sky’ (golden slate) and ‘Twilight’ (navy charcoal).

How to use: Apply with fingertips across eyelids. Layer as needed for a more dramatic look.

- 0.18 oz.
- By Jouer; made in the USA.


Jouer – $30

Disclosure: A complimentary sample was sent to The Beauty Stop for this review. No compensation was received and all opinions are that of the author.

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Beyoncé Designs Her Own Nail Art

Beyonce Nail Art

Beyoncé released a set of four nail wraps with NCLA, and they’re a must-have!

Beyoncé has always loved rocking a great set of nails. She wore a gilded set during her 2013 Super Bowl halftime performance, and she even wore orange tips for President Obama’s 2013 inauguration.

The nail art collaboration with LA-based beauty brand NCLA is available on her website and consists of four killer designs based on her self-titled visual album.

No drying time means you can switch your look up as often as Bey, and at only $18 a pop, it’s cheaper than a manicure. Flawless.


Do you love nail wraps?