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‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Fashion Photos

The Hunger Games‘ fans are counting down the days until the November release. There have been a few teaser promos and even a trailer for the film, but the fashion and beauty side of the film is getting the most attention.

Covergirl has confirmed that they will be cranking out a ‘Hunger Games’ line of makeup that encompasses the lush Captiol colors and the fiery hues of Katniss. Click HERE for more on that…

Now, the fashion from the film is getting a turn in the spotlight. A tumblr that has been grown into a full fledged online fashion magazine for the film has been created. Capitol Couture was launched and we are getting a ton of sneak peeks from the costumes presented as a legit district editorial.

Effie Trinket is highlighted along with the other capital fashion mongers. The movie’s costume designer, Trish Summerville, is pulling looks from the runways of everyone from Alexander McQueen to Tex Saverio. In fact, one of Effie’s outfits is off the McQueen 2012 runway show.

A dress, that reminds me of sliced eggplant, is offered up as a District 11 Victory Tour dress. Another antelope be-horned blazer stands out with a caption labeling it as a District 10 look. Those two outfits are joined by a nod to District 9 with a patterned jacket stitched from natural plant fibers. A ridiculously gigantic knitted scarf is the District 8 couture offering. More eccentric garb will come as the site updates in timing with the film.

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will people actually wear these clothes?

perfect for next halloween!


That McQueen dress is perfect!

I LOVE that pink dress. But where to wear it?


that woman looks soooo much like lady gaga on the the left.


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