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4 Beauty Mistakes You Make at the Gym

On my weight loss travels through good ol’ diet changes and exercise, I have learned how vital gym etiquette can be. It’s not just courtesy, it’s a beauty thing.

I made several of these mistakes when I first started my workout journey. My biggest was skipping a full scrubbing shower after yoga. I didn’t work up much a sweat, so I’d just do a quick rinse before going about my day. The longer sweat stays on the skin the great the chance bacteria will spread. That also means you need to shed those sweaty workout clothes ASAP after your workout. The fabric traps bacteria and provides a warm, wet breading ground where acne loves to grow.

Wearing makeup at the gym seems incredibly odd to me. I get that some women are coming in after a long day of work, but I have seen some girls glamming it up in the locker room before going to workout. My guess is that they are hoping to get more than just some good cardio. I have found you meet a much more respectable guy in the weight room than at some bar.

But consider this, most makeup will clog pores without the added bacteria and pore clogging sweat. If you feel makeup is a must, go for mineral based offerings. It will allow your skin to breathe easier. FYI, most men hate when women wear too much makeup up the gym! Click HERE to see more ‘Styles That Men HATE.’

Cotton undies have always been my regular panty of choice. On a daily basis they are great, but don’t forget about the sweat issue that comes with gym. Microorganisms that cause yeast infections thrive in damp environments. Go for the newer high tech threads instead.

It seems so simple, but wiping equipment down BEFORE and AFTER you use it seems to be a lost art. Do you realize how many people use that machine you are stepping onto? Are you confident the previous patron thoroughly cleaned up? Did you know that it is not customary for free weights and yoga balls to get a post use wipe down? Do yourself (and others) a favor and wipe down any and all equipment before you use it. Sick is never sexy.

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