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5 Crazy Beauty Tricks

Some of these may seem…odd, but they actually work! Couldn’t hurt to try it.

1. Massaging your face with a hair brush. – Using a wide bristled brush with rounded ends increases circulation in your skin.

2. Fresh cracked pepper mixed with plain yogurt is a black head’s worst enemy. – If you mix a tablespoon of fresh cracked black pepper with half a cup of yogurt and apply to your face as a mask, it will help lift blackheads. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes.

3. Cartwheels for glowing skin. – Getting your body moving is always great, but getting the blood flowing to your face is harder than it looks. Do a couple of cartwheels to direct the flow. If you can do a hand stand, even better.

4. Exfoliate your pits. – Any area you shave, including bikini line, should be exfoliated. Don’t ignore your pits in the process. You will get a closer shave and stave off red bumps.

5. Dry your face with toilet paper. – Pat your skin with toilet paper. The ultra-soft layers are wonderful for delicate skin.

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