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A Lip Palette That Saves Every Bit Of Lipstick

Down to the last bit of your favorite lipstick?

It’s frustrating to get to the end of your lipstick, only to see a large chunk of it remaining at the bottom of the packaging.

With these tips you can reduce waste and save money too!

A Lip Palette That Saves Every Bit Of Lipstick

- Scoop out the end of the tubes and put them in a pill case, the one with the days of the week individually capped.

- Use the microwave and nuke them until they melt.

- With a lip brush and you now have 7 lipsticks to go!

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What a great tip, it’s totally frustrating when you can’t use all of the product you purchased!

Oh thank you for this. I always end up scraping out my lipsticks


What a great idea, I wouldn’t have thought of this!

WOW, I did not know these tips, thanks for sharing.


Super smart idea. Totally going to hook this up.

Very cool. I had no idea about these either!

Just be careful, if the lip stick case has any metal in it, it can catch your microwave on fire.


Great idea, I hate when I hit the bottom of a favorite lipstick.


Oh I didn’t know there could be metallic bits in lipstick. Could have wrecked my cheap microwave ;)


Any way I can save money will be great!

I absolutely hate scraping my lipstick. So depressing.


I need to find a better lip brush too.


Who comes up with all these cool ideas!


Now I’m thinking about my hot pink clinque lipstick that went out of production. Sigh.

I never thought about doing this, thankfully now I do; I can start saving money now.


Such a great idea, have to get this palette.


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