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Adidas Unveils Crazy NCAA March Madness Uniforms

Yeah, this is indeed an odd post for The Beauty Stop, but hey…it involves fashion! Sort of?


NCAA March Madness 2013 Uniforms

Wow. Welcome to the ’80s, you guys.  This reminds of the faux-skater clothes that I dressed my (then) kindergartner in, what with all that neon going on.  Still, it’s cool for the Big Dance, right?

via USAToday:

Adidas is making rolling out a different style for the NCAA tournament with new short-sleeve jerseys, which are supposed to look strikingly similar to the ones the Golden State Warriors donned earlier this month.

It was not revealed what schools would be wearing the jerseys, though.

“We are still working on teams, but it will be a very innovative story,” Adidas VP/Global Basketball Lawrence Norman said via Sports Business Daily. One school expected to wear the jerseys is Louisville confirmed by athletic director Kenny Klein.

Depending on the team, the short sleeves could make for a cool look. Even though t-shirts are typically for YMCA stars or gym class heroes, San Diego State’s Jamaal Franklin made the long sleeve style look classy.

What do you think?  Should the uniforms just be left alone or do we like how Adidas is switching things up for the big event?

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