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Amazing DIY Travel Sized Products

If you aren’t hoarding sample packets you get with your beauty purchases, fret not. You won’t have to try and cram oodles of bottles into that itty bitty travel bag.

Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled across an amazing DIY travel size idea. All you need is a couple of straws, your favorite products you will need while roaming the world, a lighter and a permanent marker.

1. Cut straws into sections. I like to use about 3-4 inch sections.

2. Using pliers clam one end of the straw section closed and use a lighter to heat it until the plastic gets melt and seals together.

3. Gently squeeze your lotions, toothpaste, liquid foundations, shampoo, conditioner or whatever you need to bring into the straw sections you cut. (If you are having trouble fitting nozzles into the straw, you can also create your own piping bag by using plastic sandwich bag and snipping the corner.)

4. Repeat step #2 to seal the other end of the straw shut and mark the outside of the straw with whatever you squeezed inside. For example, toothpaste, conditioner, foundation…and so on.

5. When you are on the go, snip one of the ends and use as needed.

This will reduce the clutter and prevent in flight bottle explosions that can ruin your other packed items. Not to mention the weight it will save on those baggage fees.


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Awesome idea- i love Pinterest.

I’d need some really long straws.


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