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Anne Hathaway’s London ‘Les Miserables’ Premiere Gown – Hit Or Miss?

Hmmmm.  Hit or miss?  Hit or flying  dragon lizard? YOU be the judge-y one:


Anne Hathaway in Givenchy

Oh, Anne Hathaway. What WILL we do with you?  Just because your stylist says “couture” doesn’t mean it’s pleasing to the eye.

The Flying Dragon Lizard – A Prototype?

We get it, Anne.  You fasted yourself silly for this role and you still feel the need to flaunt your hipbones.  I’m concerned about all of the pearl beading leaving golf-ballish indentations while sitting through the premiere of your film.  The bat wings, lizard wings, whatever wings are really awful…and not in a good way. (See what I did there?)

I really just can’t with this gown.  Les Miss.




Funny – I haven’t found a single blogger who has liked this dress but I love it! I think she looks fabulous. And I’m not the biggest Anne Hathaway fan either. I just think she manages to pull this off in a way that not many could. Clearly I’m in the minority!

I wish I could pin-point exactly what I don’t care for on this dress. The ring-thingy on the neckline? The “wings”? The “Look How Much Weight I Lost For This Film”-ish way Anne is wearing it? I kind of love that YOU love it, though. :) xoxo ~ j


It is a miss, it looks so weird on her

[...] hate to pick on Anne Hathaway as most people didn’t like her white winged gown she wore to the London premiere of ‘Les Miserables.’ However, the possible Oscar [...]


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