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Ask Jane – Cool or Warm?

Suzanne, via email, asks:

‘I am having trouble buying makeup as I can’t figure whether or not I am a warm or cool skinned person.  I have medium brown hair with red and gold undertones.  I am very fair but I do not have rosy cheeks and I have green eyes.  What category do I fit in?’

Hi Suzanne,

Kate WalshFrom what you’ve told me, you are a warm, like the gorgeous Kate Walsh from Grey’s Anatomy.  I’m so envious of you!

Here is a guide though to use when determining what tone you are.


Eye Colour? Blue, grey, green

Hair Colour? Blonde, brown or black 

Skin Tone? Blue and pink undertones

How can I tell?  Clench your fist and look at the veins on the underside of your wrist.  If the veins are have a blue-ish tinge, then you are probably a cool person.


Eye Colour? Brown, hazel, green

Hair Colour? Brown, black, auburn, red, blonde, strawberry blonde 

Skin Tone? Yellow / orange or olive undertones

How can I tell? Clench your fist again.  If the veins on the underside of your wrist look green, then you are probably a warm person.

Hope this helps, Suzanne!

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