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Ask Jane – Holding the curl

Curly Hair
Adriana asks,

What hair product do you recommend that makes your hair curl? HELP!!!!!!!!!

Hey Adriana,

Here is how I get my hair to hold it’s curl:

1. Apply a good curling mousse to wet hair.  I don’t have a particular prefence, but I do like everything from Garnier’s range.

2. Take sections of your hair and twist them around your fingers to create a ringlet.  Hint: if you want smaller curls, use small sections.  For more larger curls (ala Kristen Stewart), section larger portions of hair.

3. Dry the hair with a diffuser.  Do not scrunch the hair at this point.  If you’ve tristed your hair properly, the diffuser will gently dry your hair and hold the curl.

4. Once your hair is 95% dry, tease out the curl gently.  Do not brush the hair or you will end up looking like a member of the Jackson-5 circa Blame it on the Boogie.

5. Lightly spritz the hair with a hair spray to keep that perfect curl in place.

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