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Ask Jane – Using primer

Kristy asks,

I was just wondering if there was any tips and tricks to applying primer? And also should I mousturise before putting on primer?

Hi Kristy,

I’ve only recently become a fan of primer.  Now I can’t live without it!

To answer your second question, absolutely moisturise before you put on primer.  My normal routine is to moisturise and then get on with other things – brushing teeth, fixing hair etc – before applying my primer.  You want to give your moisturiser at least 10 minutes to work and absorb, before you apply primer.

For me, there is really only one rule when it comes to primer – use a light hand.  If you end up looking like you have a veil over your face, then you’ve probably used too much.  Also dust or apply primer lightly.  It’s always easier to apply more than to apply too much and have your foundation go goopy or cause your foundation to look uneven when applied.

Using primer

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