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Ask The Beauty Stop: Can you fix split ends?

I always love hearing from readers and seeing an array of questions, tips and comments. This one comes from a reader who has issues with her hair tips.

I have a ton of issues with split ends? I see some shampoos and conditioners that claim to fix them, but do they really work? Can I ever permanently get rid of them?

The short answer is…technically no. The only way to “permanently” get rid of them is to cut them off. However, that doesn’t mean you are only left with one option. You can salvage them on a temporary basis. Nexxus and Tresemme each offer formulas that use negative and positive polymers to attract each other which seal ends shut for awhile.

Your best bet to banish them or “fix” them is to prevent them. Use a strengthening conditioner packed with ceramides and amino acids. Redken’s Extreme Anti-Snap leave in treatment.

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