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Ask The Beauty Stop: Fine Hair Help

Question: I have really fine, thin hair. After 5 kids, my hair and nails aren’t as strong as they used to be. What can I do with the big, volume hair trend I see everywhere?

From a health standpoint, try increasing your vitamin B and E intake. Use a supplement or go for protein heavy foods. Look for B complex when shopping for a supplement. Eggs, lean meats, fish and carrots are great for your hair. Avoid smoking and excess alcohol consumption.

From a style standpoint, blow-dry your hair upside down until it is nearly dry. Avoid using too much product as it can weigh hair down. Try spritzing on a light hold spray misted at the root of the crown as you blow it out using a round brush. It will give a little lift and provide your thin strands direction. Also, try to keep your strands on the shorter side. If your locks are long, it weighs your roots down.

Also, avoid tight styles. Ponytails are murder on thin strands. Try a braid instead or a loose bun. Anything you can do to give them a fighting chance will payoff.

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