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Bang Barriers: Cowlicks, Round Faces and Curls

Ever since Michelle Obama had a “mid life crisis” and gave herself some bangs, I feel like I see them everywhere. Emma Stone also likes to bare some brow skimming bangs.

I secretly fear them. I may or may not have thought that permed bangs were awesome in the late 80′s, but today fringe has evolved past the feathered atrocity of my past.

A fuller bang is easy to wear for almost everyone. I always feel left out of the movement due to a big cowlick in the middle of my forehead. It has parted my fringe like Moses at the Red Sea.

Luckily, all hope is not lost. Dickey, owner of Hair Rules Salon in NYC, has some battle advice…

Cowlicks – “Longer fringe that falls below your eyebrows will help weigh a cowlick down. Blow dry bangs before you style the rest of your hair.”

Round Face – “If bangs are left a little longer by the temples, they can actually elongate the shape of your face!”

Curls – “Use a flat iron to straighten them or rock a wavy bang.” If you are hesitant to commit, try some clip ins.

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