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Banish Bacne

Nothing will the look of that swanky backless dress like bacne. Bring sexy back to your rear view by changing a few elements of your daily routine.

Acne, generally speaking, is caused by clog pores. We can thank sweat for being the leading cause of that. Your workout, your clothing, your undergarments and even your sleeping habits can all factor into acne. Bacne, acne plaguing your back, can be tamed.

The Problem: Your Routine – Sometimes we sleep in a little late or skip some steps in effort to get on with life. Or perhaps your missing your back in the shower altogether.

Have you thought about the order in which you bathe? You should it matters. Think about it…if you wash your body and then wash and condition your hair – all that heavy moisturizer rinses down your back and can be a pore clogging nightmare.

The Solution: To combat acne in general you need to slough off dead skin which can keep your pores from getting the scrub it needs. Don’t neglect your back. Use a loofa that has a handle to reach your back. Use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

The Problem: Your Workout – Women will see the main sweat most often on their upper middle back.

The Solution: Never skip a sudsy shower. A few friends of my preferred to just “rinse” post work out or time in the tanning bed, but this is a mistake. Scrub as soon as you can after working up a sweat and change into fresh, clean clothing ASAP. Your workout wear will just trap bacteria and sweat in your skin. The longer you leave your sweaty gear on, the more you are clogging pores. Also take off any makeup you can. Click HERE to read more about gym beauty for the full details on why your foundation could be wrong for your workout…

The Problem: Your Hormones – Hormones trigger an increase in oil production. This is why some women experience a break out near or during their period.

The Solution: Nothing can really stop your hormones from cranking out extra oil. So, the solution is in prevention. Combat what you can – dirt and sweat. Prevention is your best weapon. Practice all the steps mentioned above.

The Problem: Your Bed – Yes, Virgina your blankets, sheets and pillows collect sweat and bacteria. As you sleep, your body is still working…sometimes hard.

The Solution: Wash your linens and do it often. Click HERE for more details on your pillows causing breakouts…

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