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Banish Bad Breath

Nothing will kill a kiss quicker than bad breath. Halitosis can happen to anyone and doesn’t mean you have to be gnawing on onions and garlic to get it.

To ensure your breath isn’t offensive for the upcoming biggest date night of the year, you need to first find the cause. You can try and cover it with mints and hide it with gum, but if you don’t treat the problem it will persist.

The Obvious: Poor Dental Habits

Food begins its breakdown journey in your mouth. Saliva actually helps in digestion and if you have pieces of your onion bagel trapped between your teeth it will smell up the place. BRUSH, FLOSS and RINSE. Do it at least twice daily. Don’t neglect your gums, roof of your mouth and tongue.

The Not So Obvious: Lingering Breakfast Choices

The next stage for food goes into your stomach for digestion. There it is absorbed into your bloodstream and carried to your lungs. So that onion bagel you had this morning is going to stick with you until it passes through your system. Not only does the cliché, “You are what you eat,” hold true, but you will smell like what you eat.

The Worrying: Deeper Issues

Bad breath can be a sign of health problems. If you are constantly fighting the smell, run it by your doctor. It could be gum disease, infection, acid reflux or even more serious issues like liver or kidney issues.

Fix the Stink: Daily Maintenance

*DON’T SMOKE- I don’t think we have to revisit pictures of diseased lungs to scared you straight. There is nothing beneficial or sexy about cigarettes. They are also one of the top promoters of bad breath!

*TONGUE LOVE – Brush and scrape your tongue whenever you get the chance post meal. Bacteria and foods can build up on the tongue. As I mentioned in dental care, this should be a part of your tooth brushing routine.

*RINSE – Do a post meal wash. If you don’t have your toothbrush or mouthwash with you at all times (who does?), then grab a few sips of water, swish around your mouth and spit. Staying hydrated will also fight the stink. 23w4es

*GO FOR GUM – Skip the after dinner mint and chew some sugar free gum. Sugary candies promote the growth of bacteria in your mouth and add to bad breath problems.

*FUNK FIGHTING FOODS – Mint, parsley, basil, cilantro, green tea and cinnamon are some of the best funk fighting foods.

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