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Beauty and Kids: Makeup, Shaving and Waxing

What a touchy subject. I went sans sleep for most of the night as I warred with the subject of kids and beauty routines played through my head.

I tried to recall when I started shaving, using makeup and getting into real routines. My daughter is big into dance and she is preschool. I had to put makeup on her for a recital. Real makeup. Not the Lisa Frank pink gloss or pale lilac offerings found in play makeup. She always asks when she will get to wear big girl makeup and I still don’t have an answer.

My mind immediately went to ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham forcing her daughter to wax her unibrow. I was horrified. Almost as horrified of the video that recently went viral of a mother holding her toddler son down as he was tattooed.

It is one thing let your child cross into the realms of beauty practices willing, but to force it upon her… Are these moms on ‘Toddlers and Tiaras‘ “helping” or “hurting” their children? Is it a projection of what the parent wants or a concerned parent trying to help their children?

What do you think? What age is it acceptable for a child to wear makeup, shave or wax?

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Rebecca the Red

A little makeup in their teens is alright. Shaving their pits and legs is ok then too. Waxing seems unnecessary until their an adult. Those people on those shows are CRAZY!

Mommy Blogs

HELLO – it is NEVER “acceptable” to force your kid to wear makeup, wax, shave etc. What is wrong with people?


I agree. It is not ok to force your kid into anything. Parents need to learn not to live vicariously through their children. It’s as bad if not worse than those dads making their sons do football or some other sport they aren’t into. Let your kids decide when they are ready! I’d say anything before 12 is TRASHY!


What the hell? People actually do this to their kids? They should be investigate by CPS!

Betchya Can Can

I think a little tinted lip gloss is ok in the tween stage. Then progress to more in her actual teens. Shaving and all that should never be forced on someone. This isn’t eating veggies or something vital for good health. It’s beauty! These poor kids are going to resent their parents some day.

[...] What do you think of her sexy spread at such a young age? It makes me want to revisit the topic of kids and makeup. [...]

[...] What do you think of her sexy spread at such a young age? It makes me want to revisit the topic of kids and makeup. [...]


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