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Beauty Budget Secrets: Stocking and Stacking

It’s the secret to Extreme Couponers’ success. Stock piling. When an item goes on sale and you have a coupon to use in conjunction with the deal you can score major discounts. This is when you stock up on the items and create your own little vault of goodies that scored. Couponers will have a plethora of, say, dish soap, that they bought for pennies on the dollar and will “shop” the stock pile instead of going to the store to buy it at full price after the sale is over/coupon is gone.

Drugstore makeup is the easiest to create these stock piles for shampoo, conditioners, nail polish, make up and all your other beauty arsenal needs. Target, Walgreens and CVS are among the top retailers I find the best bargains

Here’s why…

Walgreens has register rewards and coupons that you can use in conjunction with their sale prices. CVS has a similar system with their ExtraCare Bucks. The usually print off just like catalina coupons (those are those store printed coupons you get when you pay). You’ll find $5 off the purchase of $10 or more or something similar in different denominations. Pair your ExtraBuck or Walgreens register rewards with a coupon a sale item and you have a great deal. Target is by far my favorite because they will stellar sales and offer store coupons. You can print the Target coupons off at home and use a manufacturer’s coupon with your Target coupon. That is called “stacking.”

For example:

Currently Target is offering an in store coupon for $2 off any Neutrogena product. The company’s website has several different printable coupons for you to choose from. Print the coupon off from the site, combine it with the Target offering and use the combo when the products go on sale. Suncare and tanning products are due for a discount. Tis the sunny season! (Hint: Click HERE to see a list of best time to buy products according to the time of year.) You can score a major deal!

As always, check with your local stores for their coupon policies. Even if it is a chain store, their policies can differ from branch to branch.

Check back next week to see how Facebook can save you money!

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