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Beauty Budget Secrets: Facebook Savings

Just as promised, I’m letting you in on who you can save tons of cash by using Facebook!

The Social Network’ has shown us that Facebook is a massive success and a worldwide connection. That connection translates to a very useful tool that has made the internet age even easier to communicate on a spectrum that made Mark Zuckerberg a very, very wealthy man.

What started out as a way to connect friends, family, co-workers and alumni has broadened. Companies are using the addictive network to reach customers in a new medium. This is where it benefits you. Brands are utilizing the word-of-mouth appeal to stir interest and awareness. Coupons, offers and even freebies are all on Facebook. All you have to do is find them.

Most companies will ask you to “like” them or simply share a comment about their product in exchange for savings. You can get everything from free cans of paint to free cereal. For example, right now you can score a FREE sample of the new Garnier Sleek & Shine Fortifying Shampoo & Conditioner. All you have to do is hit the company’s Facebook page. Those samples usually come with coupons to entice you into buying the product which, they hope, will create a loyal and returning customer.

You can also score my favorite and most overlooked beauty product for free right now. Vitamins! Simply “like” Sundown Naturals on Facebook for a FREE Fish Oil Sample Packet. Vitamins are so underrated when it comes to beauty secrets. FYI – fish oil contains the OMG3 EPA, which is good for skin. It can repair sun damage, keep your skin healthy less dry in the winter, help with acne, protecting against premature aging and help improve hair’s shine and luster! *Check with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.*

Many other brands and products are available through Facebook. Try looking for your favorites in the Facebook search bar and see what you can find!

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Thank you thank you thank you for this post. I am always looking for every way to look beautiful and spread my dollars the most I can.

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You are welcome Amy! I am happy to share the secrets.

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