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Beauty Budget Secrets: Join the Club!

Bargain hunting is more than just a sport for most of us. I revealed in the spoils of a good deal and pat myself on the back for continuing in the lineage of my family deal catchers. Yes, we treated those times as pleasure shopping. Now, it is a necessity for survival in these economic times. Retailers are finally onto the average consumer’s need to continue their patronage.

Beyond the Facebook campaigns and ways to score deeply discounted and even free goods I talked about last week, several outlets have been created to help consumers save. Just about every store has some sort of customer loyalty club. Groceries use cards to track your spending. FYI -Kroger will track your dollar spending and give discounts on gas. Drug stores even do it. CVS tracks what you and spits out custom coupons and Extra Care Bucks.

Smashbox currently has a rewards program that lets you build points. You sign up to be a “Pretty Points” member and then you have program that awards Free Weekly Gifts. Along with the discounts you’ll also get perks like freebies, reward certificates and a free beauty gift set during the month of your birthday. With every order you will get a bonus deluxe sample along with FREE shipping!

Sephora is another outlet that lets you choose your freebie samplers. Those little perfume samples are fantastic for traveling or slipping in a cute clutch when going out on the town.

It may seem tedious to keep track of points, dollars, megabucks, coupons and all the requirements to actually score something beyond a dime sized sample of toothpaste. Let the corporate hounds do that work and simple click one link to save. Ebates.

I have a shopping affair with Ebates. This may sound like a paid advertisement, but I haven’t been solicited in any way. Girl Scout Promise! All you have to do is sign up on the site (I know, more signing up but this is worth it) and then shop as you normally do for just about anything and everything. Find the store you are going to be making a purchase on the list on the left hand side of the site.

We’ll use Clinique as an example. Make sure you click the link on Ebates. It will direct you to the Clinique site and track whatever you spend. You earn a cash back rebate on whatever you spend. Currently, it’s a 4% cash back but the site has a Daily Double in which your percentage gets doubled. After your purchase is confirmed Ebates pays you the money you via Paypal or they will mail you a check. Ebates also features special coupons and deals. As of today, you can get a 7 Piece Bonus free with any purchase of $23.50 or greater. Plus you get the cash back!

The site has a plethora of stores to choose from Avon, bareMinerals,, Bed Bath and Beyond, Elizabeth Arden (currently a 13% cash back) and even Smashbox all have some sort of cash back that will pay out on top of the promotions the stores themselves offer.

BOOM. It just exploded savings up in here!

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