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Beauty Budget Secrets: Professional Pedi at Home

I always wonder what kind of new magic potions, lotions and concoctions my manicurist will come up with next. A constant in the mani/pedi trend is the sugar scrub. So when I undertook the task of recreating the indulgence at home I went with the sweeter version for a post shave treat.

There is nothing like sitting back with a magazine while getting your piggies trimmed, buffed and polished. The end result is a soft feet, a pretty sheen on your tootsies and pretty price. You can score the same results at home with things you probably already have in your kitchen. You can also enjoy the fact that this is a natural beauty solution! Click HERE for more of nature’s answers to your sensitive skin beauty problems.

*Mix brown sugar with olive oil. I use about a half a cup of sugar and just enough olive oil to moisten the sugar. You can adjust this to make as much or as little as you like. Using a gentle massaging force, scrub your feet with focus on your problem areas. This scrub is also great for your calves. Save some of the mixture for later.

*For extra exfoliation use pumice to buff off extra dead skin on those pesky dry heels. Rinse with warm, not hot, water.

*Trim and file your nails. (If you want to take an extra step, fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and light spray your feet.) Don’t forget to use a light buffer on top of your nails to eliminate stains. The slightly rough top also gives your nail polish a better surface to adhere to!

*Apply a small amount of olive oil to cuticles and let it work its magic for at least 2 minutes. After the oil has softened your cuticles, use a spoon warmed under water to gently push them back.

*Clip any hangnails and scrub your feet one more time.

*Spray your toenails and the ball of your foot with the rubbing alcohol to eliminate excess oil and prevent you from slipping. Brush on your favorite polish or just rock a protective top coat for a natural look.

BONUS TIP: Use cheap white wine for a foot soak! The acids from the foot are nature’s little exfoliators.

If you are not a fan of do-it-yourself, you can still score budget friendly deals. Ask pals to recommend their favorite spa spot and then call the establishment and ask. It never hurts to ask and this is how you should word it: “My friend Jane Smith recommended you for a pedicure. I was wondering if you had any new client discounts?” This will usually get you some sort offer and often it will score your friend a discount too! If no discounts are offered don’t back down. Ask when they will be having their next offer for new clients or any upcoming specials. “Too bad you don’t have any new client specials. Will you be featuring any specials soon?” If those two tactics don’t get you some sort of offer then thank them for their time and try another location. If they aren’t willing to offer up any kind of persuasion to new clients then they won’t be giving out deals to repeat customers either.

Don’t forget Groupon! Spa specials in your hometown are always popping up. Or check the location’s website. Specials are usually advertised on their site and sometimes offer a coupon for signing for their newsletter or liking them on Facebook.

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