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Beauty Budget Secrets: Waste Not, Want Not

I can practically hear my Aunt Yetta preaching after catching me dumping out milk from my cereal or throwing out used dryer sheets. She would smack my knuckles and wave her finger at me while saying, “Waste not, want not Camilla!” The woman could find uses for things we would normally toss out. Laddered panty hose turned into potato storage system. Old socks with no mate or small holes became furniture polish applicators or filled with rice and warmed in the microwave for a makeshift hot pack. While I rolled my eyes, our potatoes never grew extra white roots and our furniture gleamed.

This adage of hers has held true. It led me to reexamine they way I waste. Some of it was unconscious squandering. We will splurge and spend on products that are pricey but promise miracles. It doesn’t matter how much you spend or what is inside the bottle if you are using improperly.

*Any skin cream – be it a wrinkle reducer, acne vanquisher or moisturizer – is more effective if you apply it damp skin. For a powerful regimen, splash on a bit of warm water to help open pores. If you have sensitive skin, keep things dry to avoid irritation.

*Routine is key to kill your acne problem. Even if you think your problem has gone, a slack in your bump busting will invite it right back.

*Read the instructions. All beauty products are not created equal. Often, instructions for “maximum results” are on the packaging. While most of it seems like an encouragement to buy the matching follow up treatment, there are often tips for use that will ensure you get the most for your money.

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