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Beauty Budget Secrets: You Get What You Pay For

The key to marriage is give and take. My husband and I are constantly at odds over several issues, but one repeat topic is price tags.

He came from a financially secure background where my family fought layoffs and dwindling paychecks. We learned to make our budget work and found that splurging was only out of necessity. So I have learned that products don’t have to come with a huge price tag to be “good.” To drive this point home, on our most recent shopping trip for a mattress pad a salesman had us trying out every option and most pads came with a hefty asking price. My husband was convinced we needed the $80 option. I took both pads, had him turn around and mixed the two up. He couldn’t feel or see a difference between the two.

The point is to let go of the notion that if it has a jaw dropping price tag that it must be a superior product. Some of my favorite makeup arsenal must haves are under $10.

Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Cleanser – $6 I love just about all of Olay’s offerings. The Regenerist line is superb and easily one of my favorites. This magic in a bottle cleanses, exfoliates and has an amino acid peptide complex to hydrate the skin and help stimulate elastin production.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm $3 – I get the tinted shades and use it to touch up my lips through the day. I get color and it replenishes moisture. The beeswax sounds like it would be heavy, but it’s heavy duty enough to seal in moisture without feeling waxy. Plus, Burt was doing the “natural” thing before it became trendy.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara $5 – This one has stood the test of time. I recall my mother using it and magazines like Bazaar, Vogue, Allure and countless others feature the staple on a regular basis.

Sebastian Shaper Fierce Hair Spray $7 – This spray made my list thanks to its flexibility…and not just on your hair. This formula works great on all hair types and has a manageable hold that isn’t stiff or sticky.

Maybelline Pure Makeup $6 – The water based foundation wonder is my favorite. Great for skin that normally runs on the oily side!

Another tip…Meijer, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens and several other stores feature “knock off brands.” These are the retailer’s version of name brand/labels. Check the ingredients list and you might be surprised. Most remain very true in creating a practically identical product. Some miss it by a mile. It’s a trial and error process to find the best bargain brand swap, but keep in mind you can return the store’s version when some retailers, like Walmart, won’t let you return/exchange name brand makeup.

*Check with the store if you unsure of any return/exchange policies. Every store is different!

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