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Beauty Confessions

I thought it would be fun to purge your conscience of beauty sins or just own up to a trick that you’ve kept to yourself. Maybe you’ve done something to get yourself by in a beauty emergency – share it!

In honor of being a sport, I polled some friends and got their confessions to get things started. Yes, I am guilty of some of these too! (Some names were changed out of honoring privacy.)

Camilla – I’ve turned pimples into moles! When I had a hard to cover blemish, I used a brow pencil to turn it into a beauty mark a la Marilyn Monroe.

Trixie – I’ve used Kool Aid as a lip stain. I also sleep in my makeup. Finally, I used a highlighter in place of lipstick after I overslept and did my makeup in the bathroom at the office.

Blanche – I have a trick I haven’t shared because I always thought it was a little weird… I line my lips with a white liner and blend it in toward the center of my mouth lip. I then use some lip gloss or lipstick to cover it. I think it’s like a primer/concealer for my lips.

Vida – I am way too cheap to shell out extra money on BB or CC creams. I make my own at home. I take my favorite foundations and mix it with sunscreen and a wrinkle cream.

Chi Chi Rodriguez – I used to work for a local salon. On several occasions I witnessed the owner pouring nail polish remover into polishes. It dilutes them and you use less when applying. However, it totally effects the strength of your mani/pedi. It’s a double whammy. They don’t have to replenish polishes as often and you have to come back sooner for another paint job. I was able to quit a summer later, but I kept my mouth shut to keep my job. It’s not my proudest moment, but I won’t hesitate in warning their customers now.

What are some of your beauty confessions? Share in the comment section below!

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I use toothpaste on pimples

My girlfriend did the Kool Aid thing, it actually works.


Turning zits into moles? Hopefully you don’t have one in the middle of your forehead!


I’ve done the nail polish thinning thing when I was younger. Now, I just buy a new one to replace it. No sense in being cheap if that’s what your mani will look like in the end.

I’ve totally done the pimple/mole thing lol


Guilty of sleeping with makeup on!


I can totally see the kool-aid thing working.


like the idea of blending the lips with a white liner

I confess – I am just always beautiful and i do nothing!!


I love the homemade BB Cream idea!


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