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Beauty Mistakes You Are Probably Making Daily

Eyelash Curler – I get this question a lot. A curler should be used BEFORE you apply mascara. Think of the mascara as a hairspray. Take Mally’s tip and curl in a 3 step process and then wiggle the brush across lashes. Click HERE for more on Mally Roncal’s process… If you curl post application, it will clump and damage lashes.

Blush – This application seems to have the most debated process. My Aunt Yetta will stand by her assertion you should apply rouge all the way to your hairline. Unfortunately, that method is dated and too intense. Draw an imaginary line down from the end of your eyebrow to the bottom of your earlobe. That should be as far as you go.

Hair Oil – You could be counteracting the effects of your pricey hair oils by applying the oil to wet hair and then going straight to the flat iron or curling iron. If you use an oil, be sure to air dry hair before using a heated styling tool. If you skip the dry, you will just fry your hair.

Eyebrows – Don’t match your brow pencil exactly to your hair color. Always go 2 shades lighter. This will prevent you from looking like you used a crayon to draw on your brows.

Foundation – The order in which you start your makeup routine matters. First, apply a moisturizer then foundation and finally concealer. FYI – Concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation. Another technique that is done wrong on a regular basis is blending. Start from the center of your face and move outward. This will prevent a makeup line that screams I’M WEARING MAKEUP!

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I didn’t know that about eyelash curlers!

Thanks for the tip I always apply concealer before foundation will change!


The foundation tip is spot on. This is how I do mine everyday and I’ve found it to work best. Thanks for sharing!


thank you so much for these helpful tips


Was making the blush mistake but I won’t any more – thanks!!

I’m very concerned with my mistakes – I hope I can recover.


I didn’t know the foundation trick!

Finding a good blush shade is difficult. But shading it wrong can be even worse! Thanks for the tip

I don’t even want to know how many mistakes I’m making!


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