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Beauty Proof Your Pics

I am a very fair skinned lady with red undertones. One little scratch to my face and neck and I look like I’ve been attacked. People are constantly asking, “What happened?!” every time I satisfy an itch. It fades after a awhile, but the frustration remains.

My tone also causes me to look washed out in photos. Pair that with the fact that I somehow morph in Chandler Bing when someone busts out a camera…I don’t have a good pictures of myself.

To combat looking washed out in photos, avoid wearing too much foundations. This is a general rule, but a heavy hand will make porcelain skin look chalky. Stick with a sheer liquid or matte finish.

Use a peachy-pink blush as red looks ruddy in images. Opt for bronze or plum colors around your eyes. Black liners can look harsh.

Finalize your photo-ready look with an opaque lip color instead of a gloss.

As for positioning yourself, make sure your head is tilted. Looking dead-on at the camera rarely turns out well. Simply tilt your head down a little and keep your eyes on the camera.

As for your body, it should do the same. Jut your hip slightly outward. (Note: I said “slightly” pop a hip. Don’t go full Paris Hilton posed.)

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I tried everything for pictures & nothing works for me. Pictures of myself just makes me want to cry, LOL & talking about the “Bing” effect!


I feel your frustration JS! Try going outdoors and opt for candids instead of a posed picture.

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