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Beauty Q & A: Hyperpigmentation Solutions

Today we are tackling some skin issues that we all will come across at some point…

Question: Camilla, how do I get rid of uneven skin and hyperpigmentation? Any tips? Please!

Answer: This is one of those tricky topics. Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that is incredibly stubborn and is caused by factors that may be completely out of your control.

There are several different factors that cause the patches of darkening of skin. Injury, acne lesions, burns, hormones and even psoriasis are all things we cannot necessarily bend to our will. However, several other causes like exposure to UV rays and even some professional skin care treatments are things we can manage.

To prevent hyperpigmentation or age spots, USE SUNSCREEN. It is the best and constant beauty secret. Ask your doctor or professional what side effects are possible with any treatments you opt to undergo. Also, if you are using birth control, ask your doc if the hormone fluctuations will result in any skin issues. You might be surprised!

Treatment…there is no one universal fix-all solution. No body is created equally and some (I stress the word some) cases may be a sign that something deeper is wrong. Read up on tanning and the truth of UV exposure in ‘The Truth About Tanning.’

This is one I strongly suggest you seek medical advice. There may be a factor causing the overabundance of pigmentation. You can use all the creams, lotions and potions out there, but if the cause remains unchecked, you will waste time, effort and tons of cash treating something that will just come back.

One solution that might be offered is hydroquinone. For me, the jury is still out on that treatment. It reduces melanin and, subsequently, your skin’s power to battle UV rays. A prescription containing Azelaic acid might be a better option especially if your problem is related to acne.

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