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Beauty Q & A: What the heck are CC Creams ?!

Just when we all got comfortable with tinted moisturizers, BB creams came along and upped the game. Click HERE to read up The Beauty Stop’s Q & A: BB Cream Breakdown

Now, there is a new cream in town to add to your beauty arsenal options. CC Cream is short for “color-control cream” or “color correcting cream.”

These offerings are a lighter than BB cream creations and contain more pigmentation for a superior coverage. As a result, these new potions will work harder at evening out skin tone.

They still pack the same punch as their predecessor as far as lasting benefits, but the lighter formula provides a softer, less “plastic” finish. It is also easier to blend.

The trend is still in its infancy, so finding a CC collection in your favorite brand may not yet possible. The BB cream started in Europe and took years to spread to Asia and America.

Olay was the first pump out these new “must have” creams. Their product promises to deliver hyperpigmentation, fight wrinkles and blotchiness, and claims long-term spot-diminishing benefits. The cream contains N-acetyl glucosamine and niacinamide—a combination shown to reduce discoloration over time.

I see a product review in my future!

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