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Beauty School Secrets: Foundation

With the copious amounts of creams, liquids and powders all promising different but perfect results. The offerings and pairings are endless.

Foundations seem like a simple base concept, but some, even celebs, take it too far. Christina Aguilera is the first name that comes to mind when the cliche, too much of a good thing, comes to mind. The key is less is more, but for blemishes, age spots and other imperfections it is so hard not to be heavy handed.

I am a fan of powder foundations for my slightly oily skin. It’s light, it’s not masking and it is pore friendly. That doesn’t mean I can’t use cream or liquid foundations. A secret they teach in beauty school is breaking down cream foundations with a primer. Mix the two and apply in one coat. It will increase the lasting power and prevent your face from looking like a flesh toned iced cake. If you are on the moderate to oily side, use a sponge to dab on liquid or creams.

For dry or mixed skin types, use a brush to apply your foundation of choice. Focus on the center and blend outward. It will ensure a lighter appearance and help prevent those awful foundation lines that can make it look like you are wearing a mask.

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