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Beauty Secrets From Around the World

When I think of all the collective effort that goes into beauty, it reminds me of my pantry. It sounds odd, but I will use an assortment of spices and ingredients that I mix together into one delicious meal. The same concept holds true for beauty.

In fact, most of the best beauty regimens and makeup came from various countries from around the world. Did you know that BB creams got its start in Germany and then moved to Asia before hitting American drugstores/beauty departments? It has inspired me to see what our fellow inhabitants of our planet are responsible for…

Greece – This is one of my favorite countries thanks to olive oil. It’s great for cooking and wonderful for your skin. Those clever Grecians use it as a moisturizer and it is a staple ingredient in soap. We can thank it’s antioxidants and healthy fatty acids for a combo of softness and protection.

France – My mind goes to Chanel, but the Parisians have L’Occitane. The wise women avoid injecting themselves with botox, silicon and other chemicals. They prefer rich creams and gels. Pair that with massages that boost circulation and reduce fine lines and puffiness.

China – These lovers of excess will spend hours on their beauty routines. Author of ‘Feed Your Face,’ Jessica Wu, states that, “Chinese women expect to have several steps in their skin-care routines. Believe it or not, 12 products a day isn’t uncommon.”

India – Tumeric powder isn’t just for cooking. Mix it with coconut oil and you have an anti-oxidant rich mixture that can be used as a mask. The biggest benefit from the concoction is even skin tone.

Israel – The Dead Sea doesn’t sound like a beauty friendly zone, but it is rich with offerings. More than 21 minerals make up a trove of skin friendly benefits. The area is also a hot spot for mud treatments.

Mexico – I have respect for the women in the country that has some of the most beautiful scenery. Those crafty gals boil prickly cactus leaves and use the juice to soften their skin and fight wrinkles.

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The Tumeric mask sounds interesting. I wonder though if it stains the skin? I cook with it alot and it leaves yellow wherever it has been!


Hmmm- how does one acquire cactus juice? I want to know!


They boil the cactus leaves and then use those juices! Crazy, right? I have actually seen these in my local Meijer near the aloe leaves. I think I might give it a try!


Some of these I wouldn’t dare try!

Love the idea about the mask from India, thanks for that.


These are some very interesting ideas. I love olive oil as a beauty product!


Cactus juice sounds pretty interesting.

Tumeric powder is suppose to have some amazing long term benefits!

I would love to try the Deep Sea mud..

The tumeric DOES stain the skin YELLOW! Just, so you know :-)

I love this! Interesting!

I would love to try the Tumeric mask.


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