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Beauty Tips from Grandma You Need To Listen To

My Aunt Yetta is a bounty of wisdom and a beacon that reminds me to remain humble and grateful. Among the things my surrogate grandmother taught me, like never paying retail or the importance of family, she has beauty secrets that still hold true today.

Veggie Power – While coaxing you to eat your broccoli as a child, your grandma might have also told you that vegetables work both inside and out.

A sliced potato will fight inflammation and dark circles under your eyes. A sliced cucumber will also work wonders on your eyes, but the potato packs a heavier punch. Leave a slice on your eye for about 5 minutes and then swap it out for a fresh piece for an additional 5 minutes.

Epsom Salt – It’s the answer to sore feet. For decades we have been using the sulfate to ease our muscles. It can also fight blemishes. Mix some Epsom salt water and lavender oil to banish your pimples. It can also be a rash relief provided you’re not itchy due to dry skin issues.

Canker Sore Gel – Use a canker sore gel on your brows pre-plucking. The oral pain reliever will gently numb your skin while you tweeze. Be careful not to get this in your eye and test on your arm first. Those with sensitive skin should skip this trick.

Castor Oil – Mix this with another oil, like baby oil, and you have the power of even the most expensive moisturizers. The topical treatment has been used for many ailments, but its power for providing soft skin is superior.

Silk – We have highlighted the connection between pillows and breakouts in a previous post (click HERE to read up on that). Your grandma might have also shared the silk secret with you. It has a very low moisture absorption rate which doesn’t rob your skin and hair of vital oils you naturally produce.

The smoother finish also doesn’t pull or tug on your skin as you sleep and helps eliminate sleep creases.

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