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Best Freckle Fighters

You may get really tired of hearing me say the word SUNSCREEN, but it is my most coveted beauty law. Aside from the damaging health issues the sun can bring, it can also bring on beauty issues that will have you trying every trick in the book to banish.

Case in point today: freckles. Dermatologist Dennis Gross explained to Cosmo that, “When skin is exposed to UV rays, normal pigemnt producing cells kick into high gear, creating an even allover tan-skin’s natural defense to sun exposure.” Think of it as a giant scab. Don’t believe me? Click HERE for the Truth About Tanning…

Gross continued, “Your cells aren’t able to produce enough pigment, so they go to extremes and reproduce themselves – an abnormality that shows up as spots instead of a uniform tan.” Translation – freckles. Only a pricey laser treatment can fully rid the spots, but there are some less costly and easier options out there.

Hide and SeekAmazing Concealer can hide the darkest of freckles. For $40, it’s a steal compared to the $800-$1200 treatment.

The Light Weight Freckle FighterIllamasqua’s base provides feather-light coverage in their Rich Liquid Foundation.

Brighter SidePeter Thomas Roth is a favorite in my family. Try the Camu Power Cx30 serum to brighten tone and help provide a more even complexion.

Fade To Matte – The doc who preached above has a Skincare Ferulic Acid and Retinol Brightening Solution that will help fade the freckles.

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I love my freckles, I don’t want to hide them. They make me who I am…


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