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Best Summer Fragrances

I have such an affection for all things scented with vanilla, but for summer its too deep of a scent. I like to keep things a bit fresher with fruit based perfumes that are light, but equally as tantalizing. Click HERE to see where fruit scents rank on Perfumes Attraction Power

Quench your thirst for a new fragrance with a fruity twist. From exotic dragonfruit to refreshing lime, here are some summer scents that will keep you energized and refreshed in the peak of heat.

GUESS GIRL is a playful, feminine fragrance that has citrus notes of raspberry nectar, melon and bergamot mist.

BEYONCE MIDNIGHT HEAT is a tempting, sexy scent that features juicy top notes of dragonfruit, starfruit and Armenian plum.

LADY GAGA FAME goes beyond the black-to-clear fluid – the fragrance evolves to a sensual accord of opulence with a fusion of dripping honey and apricot nectar.

NAUTICA AQUA RISH GOLD is for the male that embodies nautical adventure. This fragrance features fresh bursts of citrus and lime.

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I always like lighter fragrances in the summer time. GUESS GIRL sounds like it would be a nice choice.

My girlfriend wears Guess Girl and I love it, you should give it a try.


I was pleasantly surprised by Gaga’s perfume!


I would be interested to hear what Lady Gaga.

Ooof that nautica sounds nice with the citrus. Those are my favorites


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