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Biggest Bridal Beauty Mistakes

I have been a bridesmaid a handful of times and a Maid of Honor twice. I hate to dramatize it, but if you have been asked to be in a wedding prepare for beauty battle.

Aside from selecting dress, corresponding shoes and complimentary accessories, you will also be in charge of any and every problem that may arise. Most of the time these are beauty issues, but there may or may not be a need for ejecting a drunken guest. (True story, but that is for another time.)

Mistakes that can stress the bride out are easily avoided. So, talk with your bridesmaid or the bride and ensure you have covered all your bases.

Hair – Do NOT color your hair any earlier than 7 days before the wedding. I have seen day-before colors and they are painfully obvious. You may have had the highlights or color done before, but don’t leave it to chance. If something goes wrong you will have time to have it fixed. It will also let your hair and the color relax to provide a more natural look.

Skin – The faux glow can ruin the day. You will forever have pictures of yourself looking like you got married in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The same principal applies with your hair. If you are going to do anything to your skin…make sure you give yourself time to fix any issues. The same goes with facials and even massages. A friend of mine had to an allergic reaction to massage oil 2 days before her wedding. She had to hide the blotchy hive marks with a white pashmina. Lucky for her, it was a fall wedding and looked lovely.

Makeup – Waterproof it. I am not a crier, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Be safe than sorry and make sure your liner and mascara are tear-proof. Avoid going overboard. As my Aunt Yetta always says, it is easier to put more on than take some off. Remember, you will be in front of a camera so avoid shimmer and glitter. In photos you will look like a disco ball.

Check Your Arsenal – Make sure you pack an emergency bag. It should be filled with: small bottle of water, baby wipes, Tide To-Go (stain removing pen), pins – (both bobby and safety versions), tissues, clear nail polish, small sewing kit, cotton balls, aspirin, small scissors, tampons, tape, Krazy glue, Band-Aids and a nail file. That is the bare minimum you should have on hand. Macgyver could build a bomb with all that, so you should be able to solve small issues with ease.

Trends – Make sure that while you attempt to appease your trend lovin’ side, you take into consideration the age old question: “Will this look/style stand the test of time?” I am pretty sure those 80′s brides would love to take back gigantic puffy sleeves and neon shadows.

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