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Blake Lively’s Wedding Ring Revealed – Hit or Miss?

We are finally seeing photos of Blake Lively’s wedding rings. In a word, WOW.


Blake’s Wedding Ring Set – By Lorraine Schwartz


Lively’s engagement ring features a large oval stone supported by a band of small diamonds. Her  wedding ring, by celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, also boasts a series of delicate diamonds, and complements her engagement sparkler well.

Here’s the thing.  I love Blake’s rings. I do. I’m troubled by only one detail: the rose gold setting.  I realize rose gold is extremely trendy right now…I repeat, TRENDY.  I don’t see this color being a true classic in the way platinum has proven to be over the years.  Speaking from experience, my engagement ring is my husband’s grandmother’s platinum 2 ct. diamond ring. It’s perfectly feminine but also makes quite a statement.

Maybe I just don’t care for rose gold.  Shrug. How do you feel about rose gold bridal settings?




I’m with you PLATINUM! :)


It looks like Bella Swan’s ring


I guess not so much, shape only. lol


Platinum all the way. Also, with rocks this large supported on such thin wiry mountings, the wedding band never really looks right. I prefer a set of bands that complement each other a bit more.

I agree with you on that about the tiny mountings and band for such a huge stone. I love the daintiness of it all, but it does need a wee bit more substance. xoxo j


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