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Blue Lipstick

When I heard of the latest offering from Lipstick Queen’s richly pigmented line, I was excited until I saw that the new hue was blue.

Blue lipstick. My mind immediately went to an old episode of ‘Friends’ in which Joey reveals a commercial he did touting lipstick for men. The bright blue frost bitten shade was dreadful. So, when I read about the new addition I was beyond wary.

Thankfully, Jenna Rosenstein of Allure posted a pic of herself rocking the shade. Instead of layering on a thick blue layer, she notes that it melts into a sheer coverage that mixes with your natural lip tone to create a lovely berry colored result.

The color glided easily onto my lips and yielded a surprisingly gorgeous, shiny raspberry shade. Elementary color theory teaches us that red and blue make purple, and on naturally rosy lips, this navy lipstick produces a subtle berry pout. But the color fades quickly, so if you’re looking for a deeper purple, then reapply often.

As an added bonus, the product also promises to make your teeth look whiter and your complexion brighter.

It’s not yet in stores or online, but look for it on Lipstick Queen’s site soon. NY mag also mentioned it will be available at Barney’s in NY. What do you think?

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I had a black lipstick that did the same thing. Works great


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