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Breaking Bad Beauty Habits

To pop or not to pop…that was the argument over the holiday weekend. Beauty “rules” that previous generations placed their hands on the beauty bible (at my house it is a back issue of Vogue) and swore by are now big no-no’s. Aunt Yetta insisted on popping pimples upon sight and sunbathing.

The fact is that the world is a different place. In her younger days cancer was still a bit of a mystery and the effects of UV rays weren’t common knowledge. Now, SPF is pumped into everything from lipstick to foundations to fight the harmful rays. Aside from the obvious, like sleeping in your makeup, things we think might be great are actually harmful…

Steam – It sounds great in theory and is, once again in moderation, but done too often and you can create big problems. It has a very stimulating effect on your skin and actually dries it out. You skin needs moisture and will go into overdrive if it’s not getting enough. Over steaming can induce an avalanche of oil production and lead to break outs.

Exfoliation – Here is one of those techniques that is good in moderation. Excessive exfoliation can cause skin to become over-sensitive and break capillaries. This can do permanent damage.

Ponytails – These cooling and easy up-dos can be incredibly damaging to your hair. I am guilty of constantly throwing my hair up and have seen the damage first hand. On top of breaking strands, it weakens the root and even rips hairs out. Try mixing styles if you are like me and have to have it up. Interchange braids, buns, twists, low pony tails, side pony tails and go for fabric hair bands.

Shaving – Your legs and pits need to be de-fuzzed, but shaving lips, chin or bikini areas isn’t the best idea. Wax or use a cream when you can. When you shave, regrowth appears thicker and coarser because the hair is cut-off mid-shaft instead of at the root.

Re-Applying – By afternoon, your shadow can fade, your blush lose its luster and your lipstick is gone thanks to that latte a lunch. You need a touch up, but re-applying on top of your morning makeup will clog your pores. If you invest in higher quality lotions, potions and makeup, you shouldn’t have this problem. If it still fades, try matte finishes or cleanse area with a baby wipe before adding another layer.

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