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Can We Discuss Elle Fanning’s Prada Shoes? Hit Or Miss?

I actually had to sit and simmer on this post about Elle Fanning’s “shoes” that she wore to the Hollywood premiere of Breaking Dawn 2.


Photos: GettyImages

Oh. You need a closer look?


Elle Fanning’s Prada Shoes

Let’s see.  I see plastic, rubber, metallic leather and ribbon.  Listen.  Elle is 14 years old.  I actually don’t mind seeing her take a risk with fashion with her choice in footwear.  We all had questionable taste in our early teens.  At 14, I used to shave my eyebrows rather than pluck them, for pity sake.

I kind of think Elle’s fabulous for not donning Louboutins and standing in the usual “feet crossed” pose that we see every single little starlet do at every single red carpet event.  It’s refreshing.  The shoes are still ugly as sin–but we’re talking about them, aren’t we?



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