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‘Catching Fire’ Fashion: Katniss Everdeen’s Wedding Dress

Ok, so this a stretch, but the fashion and beauty trends from ‘The Hunger Games‘ is a wee bit addicting. I will agree, the book described the looks to have a little more eccentric flair. I had pictured a more avant garde result, but I am in no postilion to be picky.

We have already seen some ‘Catching Fire’ fashion thanks to an entire site dedicated to capturing the fashion. And we have a beauty line being cranked out by Covergirl, but here is Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) wearing her wedding dress in the flesh.

The painted portrait was teased months ago. What do you think of the look?

I just love that Stanley Tucci is wearing a Bump It ponytail.




The top and bottom don’t match to me. She seems really “froo-froo” in this movie to me.

can’t wait to see the next hunger games

It is not at all what i pictured…

I have read the books and it is not what I thought. I don’t see it as a wedding dress…


The dress is kinda hideous!


What a beautiful dress!

I am so loving Tucci in these movies. oh and that dress? No thanks

That is a really nice dress, I love the silver bodice.

I am so excited for this movie!!

katniss i want that dress


I want that dress like now.

Love, love, love Stanley Tucci. The bodice of the dress is gorgeous.


She looks amazing


What does it matter what the wedding dress looks like? The real show stopper is the Mockingjay dress that it turns into!


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