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Celebrit Hits and Misses: Emma Watson’s ‘Bling Ring’ Premiere Braid

I have a feeling that Emma Watson’s braided do will be a repeat on Pinterest and show up at a slew of weddings this summer. The Harry Potter starlet has grown up and managed to dodge the pitfalls of being a child star. [Ahem...Amanda CRAZY Bines...ahem.]

Watson wore a flirty, yet sophisticated Chanel tweed mini at the premiere of ‘The Bling Ring.’ She accented the modern meets flirty suit style with a swirled French braid that twisted in the back of her hair. The side part was polished, but had volume. She doesn’t need a spray tan or a little dog to look hot. This girl does it with an effortless nuance.

To score the look, fan out out a bronzed eyeshadow across your crease. Use a nude highlighter just under your brows and accent the inner corners of eyes with a luster packed shadow. Keep the rest of the look simple with a loose powder in an alabaster finish and a pop of red lipstick.

For the braid, create a deep side part and section off hair into two layers from each part. Tease the underside of the bulk of the parted hair. Next, start French braiding from the large side of the part toward the back head and weave around in and “S” shape. On the other side of the part, continue the French braid to fill in any gaps. Pin the ends together and tuck under any section of the braid. Spritz with a light hold hairspray.



I like it, it is super cute!!!

i thought emma looked great – maybe a little too chic since the role she plays in the movie is a very bad girl… haha!

love the braid!!


The braid is gorgeous, love the red lips too.


I need to learn how to do that!

now i just have to learn to french braid. This would be perfect for all those Summer parties I have to go to. :-)

Cool look, always liked her.

WOW, that is adorable, wish I could do my hair like that. I have tried but have failed….


Very gorgeous!

Emma Emma – !!


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