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Celebrities Without Makeup: Katherine Heigl

I have a family member who will not leave the house without full makeup on. Foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick at the bare minimum. She says she feels “naked” without her face on. She is naturally gorgeous with beautiful full lips, but insists she wouldn’t step foot into the world sans fards.

I thought about this as I run into the world without so much as lip balm on constantly. It’s a personal preference thing, but celebrities seem to be held in a different light. If they step out into the public without a team stylists putting them together, we gasp and clutch our pearls. Jennifer Lawrence boldly and unabashedly stepped out without any makeup at the ‘Great Gatsby’ Premiere after party. Click HERE for her makeup free night…

More celebrities are braving the world without being sprayed, spackled, blushed, brushed and dipped in foundation. It is so refreshing. I love that it gives women who see their glossy magazine covers a look at reality. So, cheers to miss Katherine Heigl for a day at the spa and lunch in New Orleans.



Wow, so nice to see that we are all normal after all. It is so refreshing to see a celebrity made up by their team of stylists.

I guess celebs are really like us because she does not look like anything special with no makeup!


She doesn’t look horrible without makeup. Some celebs on the other hand….


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