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Celebrity Hit or Miss: Drew Barrymore Back to Blonde

Egads. Drew Barrymore went back to blonde. While the color is ok, her locks look fried!

According to E!, Drew spent nearly 5 hours undergoing the transformation. She hit up Tracy Cunningham last week with the initial steps for the drastic color change. She debuted that hue at the 2013 GLADD Awards.

There has been no real confirmation why she went full throttle blonde, but rumors suggest it is for her new role in the latest Adam Sandler film.

Jennifer Lawrence also recently underwent a drastic hairstyle change. The freshly bobbed ‘Hunger Games’ actress also showed off the look at the GLAAD Awards. Fellow celebs Sofia Vergara and Julianne Hough also recently went lighter for the spring.

What do you think of the new do? She needs to read up on how to care for her colored hair ASAP!


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