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Celebrity Hits and Misses- Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow is looking washed out. The snowy skin tone and peaches and cream hues are trumping the tan sun kissed look.


I welcome the change as it is extremely easy to go overboard with tanning lotions and potions. She attended the “Unforgettable Evening” event looking like she was ill.

Typically the snowy skin is best for the dark haired gals out there. Sorry blondes, but you needs some color in your skin. Otherwise you will look albino.

To add some color to make her look healthy, Gwen could have done several things to save this look. Giving her cheeks some color would have been her best option. A pink hue would have done the trick. Revlon has some lovely cream blushes. The Berry Flirtatious Minerals Cream Blush would have been perfect.

Darkening her brows a tiny bit might have helped too. Be careful with this one blondes. Don’t go overboard. You want to keep it natural. Just enhance what you have.


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