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Celebrity Hits and Misses: Miley Cyrus’ Peek-A-Boob


Remember when Britney Spears went ham sandwich crazy, shaved her head, beat up that SUV with an umbrella and locked herself in her bathroom before someone finally stepped in and declared a 5150 Hold? The entire time her creepy manager was waving reporters off stating, “She’s fine!” I feel like we are getting an encore presentation.

While performing in Hollywood Miley Cyrus continued her I’M NOT HANNAH MONTANA ANYMORE, SEE! HERE ARE MAH BOOBS! tour. She sported an unfortunate high-waist leather pant and thigh high boots with her bra top.

I had such high hopes that she would continue down the path of classy circa her Roberto Cavalli Vanity Fair Oscar party dress, but she is still hopelessly too immature for that.

The comments on Miley’s…risque…look mix. Between the tweens who still worship the sneakers she once walked in and the been-there-done-that generation, she is either an enigma or little girl trying to find herself. That is what we have to remember here. She is trying to grow up in the spotlight of Hollywood, be an style icon, be herself and experiment with attire that brings the kids to the performer yard. Is this an outfit she will look back on and think, “Yeah, that was awesome!” Nope, but once again. She is a product.

What do you think?




Heaven forbid she LIVES HER LIFE! She wasn’t doing ANYTHING iglalel and the fact you’re saying she is ruining her life is redundant. She shouldn’t have to live her life being a role model forever.

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