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Celebrity Makeup Mistakes

Miley Cyrus’ stylist broke rule #2 when it comes to beauty: Blend,baby blend! (Rule #1 is: ALWAYS wear sunscreen!) The actress turned songstress turned tabloid target has visible coverage issue around her mouth.

The Fix: Not properly blending is a common issue. What may look fine in the mirror can look vastly different under the bright lights of flashing bulbs. Check your makeup under different lighting. Don’t be afraid to pop outside with a hand mirror. And don’t forget to blend!

Kate Middleton is so naturally pretty. The girl next door with a great smile, but it’s all hidden under too much makeup. Full black liner under the eye takes away from her natural beauty along with the blush issue. The natural flush is too much for her.

The Fix: Never forget that less is more! When you have a beautiful canvas, don’t cover it up.

Mariah Carey is also guilty of too much blush. The brown eyed beauty wore an ultra light pink blush and applied it with a heavy hand.

The Fix: It’s another case of less is more. I also advise ladies not to give in to the matchy-matchy urge for makeup. If your lips are a light pink, go for a deeper rosey hue for your cheeks.

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Angelina Jolie is gorgeous and could have some spinach in her teeth and still be sexy. However, she had bit of an oil issue on the red carpet.

The Fix: Dust a loose translucent powder across your T-Zone to set your foundation. You can also blot if the issue persists. Napkins, paper, tissue or TP will do the trick in a pinch.

Kim Kardashian is under constant scrutiny, but here she looks like a drag queen. She is over-bronzed and not blended enough.

The Fix: Use a matte bronzer and a light hand to highlight your browbone, cheekbones or the top of your nose. Avoid your forehead and, once again, blend!

We couldn’t let Lindsay Lohan slide even though her whole life seems to be…very difficult right now. The too dark blush, the crazy black eyebrows floating off in forehead space and the smudge makeup just makes her look busted.

The Fix: Does she come with a reset button? I shouldn’t be so hard on her, but this is a case of starting the look over completely. I think the biggest issue might be the use of shades far too dark for her tones. With the bleach blonde hair and the black eyebrows…I am not sure what her goal was.


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