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Celebrity Red Carpet Realities

Stars walk the red carpet in perfection. Toned body, perfect hair, slim physique stunning smile and impeccable, perky tushes are all a staple at an event. It creates nearly impossible images that we normal people try to emulate. Why? Celebs set the style and launch trends simply by wearing a garment or showing up with a mess of hair crafted by professionals.

Chances are, you don’t have a glam squad descend upon you before you walk out the door. Chances are, you have a rodeo of spandex holding your stomach in and saddlebags up. Chances are, that is true of the public icon slipping into a Dior gown.

The reality of the red carpet is a stew of faked beauty. From hair to sculpted six pack abs, most if not all of it is faked, surgically fixed or professionally done in hours of grooming.

Amazing Abs may have been brought to life by a spray tan. Men and some female stars use strategic shadowing to fake a toned tummy. Those muscles may have been surgically altered. If you don’t think half the stars in Hollywood have been nipped, tucked and lipo-sucked then I’d like to sell you some magic beans.

Hair is another easily faked factor. If you want Beyonce‘s long, luscious locks…go buy them! Temporary human hair extensions clip in near the scalp and when wielded by a professional, can look incredibly natural.

Face lifts may be done by dentists. A cosmetic dentist can perform a miracle by doing a “non-surgical” face lift. Several teeth are built up with veneers or crowns to add support to sagging faces. This will start in the $32,000 range.

You are not the only one slipping into Spanx before you slide on that dress. Jennifer Garner, Tyra Banks, Sienna Miller, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Alba, Emily Blunt, Miley Cyrus and Katherine Heigl are just some of the few stars who will admit their love of the slimming secret.


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