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Chapped Lips Fix

The winter can be brutal on your skin. The cold biting winds mix with the bitter temps that dip into single digits.

The skin on your hands and face are the most exposed and, of course, they are two of the most sensitive areas of skin. The tops of your hands, your eyelids and your lips have the thinnest amount of skin. FYI – the palms of your hands and the bottom of feet have the thickest.

When all the elements of nature turn the tundra into a chilly wasteland with no humidity, it can crack your skin and chap you lips. To fight off the impact of mother nature, take stock of your skin. You may be increasing your weathered skin’s ailments. My dermatologist gave me these helpful tips to keep it skin healthy.

Using too much Chap Stick. – Slathering on copious amounts of gloss and balm may be the problem. “There have been studies that show that constantly applying a lip balm will slow down the body’s natural response system. In a sense, you ‘trick’ your body into thinking it doesn’t need to produce those vital natural moisturizers.”

Use the right moisturizer. – Petroleum is widely accepted as a superior treatment thanks to its ability to seal in moisture. One issue that arises is that the heavy formula smothers the skin’s ability to breathe and evidence shows that it can slow the skin’s natural renewal process. Many may disagree, but as questions arise from the manufacturing process I prefer to be safe than sorry. “Not all manufacturers choose to use refined petrolatum or use low-grade refinement processing. That means there is the potential for cancer causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) to still be present. One study conducted at Rutgers University found that mice treated with regular applications of four well-known brands of moisturizer developed more tumors than a control group treated with UV radiation.

I suggest beeswax for those who aren’t allergic. Think about it…where does petroleum come from? Crude oil. Where does beeswax come from? Bees. It may be considered to be less protective than petroleum, but it offers a more natural option that hasn’t been linked with cancer.

Give your pout a break. – “If you are using a lipwear that contains fragrances or encourage a ‘plumping’ effect it could lead to more irritation and skin issues.” Use a simple conditioner before you apply any sort of lipstick or plumping agent and give your lips a break when you can. Rocking just a sheer color on your natural lips is also sexy!

Don’t over exfoliate. – Old dry and dead skin will build up and that needs to go, but slough off dead skin once a week at most. “Removing layers of skin breaks down the barrier needed to lock in moisture. Over doing it can do more harm than good.

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I love beeswax chap sticks. Just don’t leave them in the sun. LOL


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