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Christian Dior ‘Grand Bal’ Holiday Collection Is Golden – Part I

Quit acting like I’m the only one already worried about what to wear for the gigantic Holiday parties ahead, because you’re lying.  Also? Don’t even try to tell me how you’re not interested in Dior’s ‘Grand Bal’ Holiday Collection.  Okay, maybe you haven’t heard all about it, yet.

Buckle up.


The ‘Grand Bal’ Holiday Collection By Christian Dior

I’d like to focus specifically on Dior’s Diorific Nail Vernis.  The gold nail lacquer is simply breathtaking.  Please take a moment several minutes to take it all IN.


Dior Beauty Holiday ‘Diorling’ Vernis Nail Lacquer - $26 at Neiman Marcus

Notice how the gold isn’t too yellow or brassy?  The shimmer is so subtle,  but we’d miss it if it weren’t there, right? I KNOW.

The whimsical & playful masquerade balls of his time inspired Christian Dior’s love of surprise and elegance. Today, the House of Dior embodies that same sense of extravagant splendor with a golden holiday collection of limited edition items.

These vibrant, high-shine nail lacquers are encased in precious glass bottles accented with gold toppers and leave your nails perfectly polished for the Dior Grand Bal!

Now, take a deep breath for this next shade of Dior Beauty Holiday Diorific Vernis Nail Lacquer…wait for it…


Dior Beauty Holiday ‘Diva’ Vernis Nail Lacquer – $26 at Neiman Marcus

 You may have to tilt your screen a bit to see the golden shimmer swimming in the inky-blackness of ‘Diva‘.  Just how luxurious is this shade?  I’m still (always?) a lover of dark, dark black nail polish, but this one really takes the gorgeous cake.

I’m thinking of wearing either one of these manicures using the magnificent Dior Nail Lacquer.


On Trend NOW – Black/Gold Manicure

Help me decide which way to go!

Up next, we’ll chat about the eyelashes, lipstick, palette and 24 Kt. golden tattoos in the fabulous collection! See you then!

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