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Christian Siriano Developing Beauty Lines

I remember watching Christian Siriano crush competition on ‘Project Runway’ repeatedly.

At first, I found it hard to root for him because I read his confidence as arrogance. Yet, I couldn’t dismiss the talent and neither could the fashion world.

Siriano is now one of the most successful Runway contestants and managed to standout in the growing plethora of reality stars.

He really won me over when he partnered with Payless to create a line of footwear that is chic and affordable.

The move was incredibly smart. It put his designs into the spotlight and it conveyed a message that fashion is for everyone. It’s branding genius and made him accessible.

(See the comparison below. On the left is a tote retailing for $70 on Siriano’s website. On the right, his Payless option is about half the price and nearly identical.)

His name is also a repeat on the red carpet. His edgy looks that mix his talents for structured jackets and ruffled layers are a celebrity favorite. To keep his train moving full steam ahead, he is now entering the beauty world. Christian is collaborating with Sebastian Professional for a hair care line and The Fragrance Group to bring life to his scent.

He will continue his work with Payless and hopes to add eyewear, home goods and an array of accessories to his quickly growing empire. You might also see more of Siriano’s stores popping up soon.



He has really worked hard since Project Runway, glad to see its all paying off.


I think I’d be more interested in his haircare line than the fragrance. Good for him though!

He is so over rated I can’t take it.


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