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Confessions of an Esthetician

I have gotten one facial in my life. It was the first and last. It was one bad experience I don’t care to repeat.

I was talking to my dermatologist about the experience and how it was painful and didn’t give me near the results I was hoping for. Not all Estheticians are as unskilled and some can even work miracles, but after speaking with my doctor and a trained skin care professional…I was stunned.

That facial sounds awesome, but what they won’t tell you is that most procedures can scar you. If you are getting a facial for the first time or trying someone new, get recommendations. Tell her about and skin sensitivities and any allergies. You may think your grass allergy isn’t a big deal, but products contain an array of chemicals and additives these days. Some of the more unskilled or newer estheticians will just focus on whatever goods she will try and sell you before you leave.

Pimple popping isn’t standard procedure. If your skin care specialist starts squeezing, ask if she has been trained on the proper method. Popping isn’t a standard teaching in most schools.

It is also possible to get the same results at home. With as many “kits” and tips out there, it is almost easier to do it yourself. The biggest and easiest tip – “Facial massages are key. When using your favorite cleanser spend a few minutes massaging your face in upward circles. It will encourage skin circulation and blood flow. It can also help remove toxins and promote healthy skin cell growth.”

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